St Francis de Sales Catholic Church – Interior and Exterior Renovations

The work for St. Francis de Sales Church was a multi-phased renovation and Historic Preservation Tax Credit restoration project.

The interior renovation phase included a new HVAC system, restoration of light fixtures, stabilization and restoration of the terrazzo floors and decorative plaster ceilings. The original paint scheme was uncovered and through careful study, stencils were created and new paint applied to recreate the original decorative detail. All the pews were replaced and a new Choir area was created in the front of the Nave.

The exterior restoration phase focused on repairing the remaining wood and replacing missing or badly deteriorated elements of the two copper domed towers and the frieze. An extensive scaffold system was installed to safely work on the towers. The result of the exterior restoration was the successful recreation of the details of the original towers from the moldings to the urns.